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Deep Sea Diary: In the lab and painting maps

Sunday, June 3rd, after 7:30 breakfast At the general use computer in my lab, I am sitting next to a fellow with dark eyes and long black hair, Jake Bailey, who is a Geobiologist from the University of Minnesota. Jake is 37 years old and at 21 he was reading books on physics and became […]
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Deep Sea Diary: In the control room

Yesterday at 4:30 my most awesome experience so far was to enter a container (called a van) which is Jason’s control room. The variety of screens and equipment in the black box look like the star wars Death Star. There are 3 lasers 10 cm apart and a digital still with strobes. The manipulators on […]
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Deep Sea Diary: Day 3

We are looking at the bottom for a place to collect specimens and the depth is 4931 meters. After a 2 hour nap my night shift begins. Ancient cold seep sites that we are seeing are about 150 miles from Barbados and exist in the boundary between the Atlantic Plate subducted below the Caribbean Plate […]
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