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Deep Sea Diary: In the lab and painting maps

Sunday, June 3rd, after 7:30 breakfast At the general use computer in my lab, I am sitting next to a fellow with dark eyes and long black hair, Jake Bailey, who is a Geobiologist from the University of Minnesota. Jake is 37 years old and at 21 he was reading books on physics and became […]
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American Rivers plans to collaborate with Mary Edna Fraser and Orrin Pilkey

Mary Edna Fraser met with American Rivers personnel Gerrit Jobsis (Southeast Regional Director) and Staci Williams (Waccamaw River Blue Trail Organizer) today to discuss a collaborative project focusing on protecting and preserving the diverse rivers of the United States.  Mary Edna plans to do a series of batiks, starting with four major rivers: the Waccamaw […]
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Hurricane Irene’s wake

My entire family was evacuated from Holden Beach, NC last Friday where we gathered for our annual vacation. The extent of Hurricane Irene caused damage from my home in Charleston, SC up to my sister’s house on Long Island, NY. We both had tree limbs coming down close to our houses. My brother and sister […]
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