Take action now to protect the Edisto River

Today, this issue was the featured article on the front page of the Post & Courier. A mass email was sent out via the Conservation Voters of South Carolina informed us:

“This morning, the Edisto River was named as the 6th Most Endangered River in the United States. As the longest free-flowing blackwater river in the country, the Edisto is both a state and national treasure.”

The river faces up to 35% less water during the summer months with current laws “allow agricultural users to take up to 80 percent of the average river flow without any requirements to reduce their withdrawals — even during times of extreme drought,” according to American Rivers.

You can act now to protect the Edisto by filling out this form letter, provided by American Rivers, and learn more about this issue on their site. American Rivers designates 10 rivers every year as “endangered” to catalyze change for these environments before it is too late. Development along South Carolina’s coast, and the need to feed our expanding population, is at the heart of the forces that threaten the Edisto.

Governor Nicky Haley has, so far, been silent on this issue. Residents and conservations together call for tougher water use laws in this article from the Aiken Standard, Portion of Edisto River named sixth most endangered in nation.

South Edisto, batik on silk, 156″ x 36″, Mary Edna Fraser

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