A letter from 350.org protesting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secretly-negotiated free trade agreement

In a letter from 350.org on May 16th, 2015, Linda Capato, Jr. wrote:


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is so bad, it’s hard to believe — but this stunning part of the deal has been independently confirmed:

The TPP would eliminate environmental reviews of fracked liquid natural gas export facilities, which could be used to move half of the gas drilled in the US overseas. These massive, multibillion dollar fossil fuel projects would make fracking companies a fortune — and be completely exempt from federal environmental review.

Fracked gas is difficult and expensive to export. The TPP would rubber stamp facilities that make it easier for Big Oil to ship gas to places where they can sell it at higher prices.

People need to know about this. Can you share this image on Facebook to help expose the TPP’s pro-fracking language?


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If this sounds like something straight from the wildest fantasies of Big Oil, that’s because it basically is — the TPP has been written and championed by fossil fuel lobbyists from the very beginning.

The deal faces an uphill battle in Congress for a simple reason: the more people find out about it, the less they like it.

We’re gearing up to deliver this petition opposing the TPP to Congress in the coming weeks. The more we can expose the deal between now and then, the better.

Yours in disbelief,



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