Deep Sea Diary: First day on the Atlantis

Research Vessel Atlantis, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Aboard the Atlantis docked in Bridgetown, Barbados I enter a world that is both familiar and extraordinary. Scientists seated at breakfast work with population dynamics and are from France and Sweden. They determine if the samples from the bottom of the ocean floor are an isolated non-cross populated species or if they arrived by current or other means from existing habitats. The samples of these animals are what Karen paints on board.

I am settled in berth 8 below the labs and galley level with Laura from Spain who is also on her first voyage to the deep sea. She is vivacious, young, and kind so I lucked out in the tight quarters of the ship.

Today I set up my watercolor station in the map room where I can view the images as they are arriving. We will be on a night shift looking at the sea bottom. Ship mates will also clear me for the upper deck to photograph where I will be out of the way of crew and radar but at a high point for my aerial perspective to document the exploration.

The artists gather at 10:30 am and there is a science meeting at 6:00 pm. On board is a computer network to inform all involved. I am sci8.

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