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Waties Island Victory!

A Waties Island victory is here at last!Waties Island, one of the last undeveloped barrierislands on South Carolina’s coast and the only onelocated in Horry County, has been owned by variousmembers of the Horace Tilghman family since thethe 1920s. Following the division of land among familymembers in the late 1980s, one-third of the islandwas sold […]
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Creek by Creek at City Gallery

Creek by Creek is a collaborative effort by artists Mary Edna Fraser and Jeff Kopish, underscoring the perils of plastic pollution and the importance of protecting the Lowcountry’s unique waterways. Featuring an array of Fraser’s batiks on silk and oil paintings and Kopish’s ceramic and found object sculptures incorporating everything from recycled plastic to actual trash, […]
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A great article on the continued threat of rising ocean waters on our Atlantic coast.

Refer to the blog for additional information on the exhibit through November 17th on Dewees Island.
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