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Captain Sams Spit continues to be at risk.

Five times over 15 years, the state’s Supreme Court heard cases involving Captain Sams Spit, eventually ruling in favor of the conservation groups.  The latest disagreement is over a 2013 development agreement between the town of Kiawah Island and the developer that expired last month. The town says the agreement requires the developer to transfer […]
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Returning waterways to their natural form.

In this riveting article and video from The Guardian, the author, Helena Horton, explores the effects of manipulating rivers from their natural flow patterns. This manipulation by humans has caused many unnecessary disasters that can be averted by returning the waterways to their natural flow patterns.
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Lewis Ocean Bay Update

The fight to preserve Lewis Ocean Bay in Horry Co., South Carolina, continues. Here is a video from the January 2nd public remarks meeting. For more information on this fragile environment, watch this video from Mary Edna. Thank You! Please get in touch with your county council members if you live in Horry County […]
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