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A letter from Charleston Waterkeeper’s Andrew J. Wunderley

The Keeper’s Report When fall sets in and the salt marsh turns a beautiful golden brown, it’s time to take a breath and reflect on what’s been done and what’s been left undone during the year. It’s a tradition I always anticipate because it nicely parallels the natural cycle of renewal beginning in our salt […]
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Collapsed bank revegetation project

In the October 2015 flood, Mary Edna’s steep creekside bank experienced an erosion event which brought down a large water oak (Quercus nigra) leaving a root mound and creating a mud flat below the yard. Instead of employing a hard structure, Celie Dailey–a landscaper, gardener, and native plant enthusiast who works with botanist Richard Porcher–researched […]
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Good news for our creek and most waterways in Charleston

Thanks to Charleston Waterkeeper, we are happy to report that our creek and most others in our area are again swimmable! View the Water Quality Monitoring page to see the results around town.
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