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CAREnergy campaign named ‘Project for Good’ by IGG, deadline extended to February 16th

Mary Edna made a donation of $100 to support further development of Dr. Janice Ryan-Bohac’s Energy Tuber. We urge philanthropists and fellow South Carolinians to fund this project. The Energy Tuber is promising material for biofuel, capable of higher yields than corn and sorghum. Marilyn Blizard of Kiawah, SC reports that Dr. Janice Ryan-Bohac has […]
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Familiar brands funded by the Koch Industries

In our capitalist world, being an informed buyer sometimes feels like our only power to make change. We vow to boycott brands funded by the Koch family in protest of their promotion of fracking in America, including public lands. Here is a long list of those brands which includes many paper products such as Angel […]
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