Oppose sand renourishment on Kiawah Spit

Eroding beach on Captain Sams Spit, photograph by Cecelia Dailey

Eroding beach on Captain Sams Spit, photograph by Cecelia Dailey

Developer seeks state permit for Capt. Sam’s Spit beach restoration on Kiawah Island, the Post & Courier reported. Erosion has been persistent here, and “the spit is no longer wide enough to permit a road due to setback regulations,” citizens Timothy and Peggy Barnes wrote.

Tomorrow, March 22, is the deadline for requesting a DHEC hearing on this action. Here is the letter I sent to wi******@dh**.gov because of Marilyn Blizard’s alert:

Captain Sam’s is an incredible wildlife site. Dumping sand on the beach is deadly to plants and animals. This action most definitely requires review by DHEC! There are no structures to “protect” except a future development which has been opposed for years, and a parking lot, which should be moved as erosion encroaches upon it. A living barrier island is dynamic and allowed to migrate with storm overwash, as dunes are crushed and rebuilt by natural forces. Do what is right for this beloved natural site.

It has come to my attention that this permit has been submitted by the Kiawah Partners, II LLC to install 8,000 cubic yards of material to build up land that is in the area known by all as Capt. Sam’s Spit. This has been identified as ‘minor’ but in essence is reported to be about 400 truckloads of fill to a highly vulnerable section of Kiawah Island.

Since such a sizeable undertaking deserves a public hearing I am requesting that the SC DHEC-OCRM rejects the permitting of this project under General Permit GP-17-SMD so the project can be appropriately resubmitted & evaluated under the normal Individual Permit process with a public hearing scheduled.

This project looks to be an infringement on access to public trust land and destruction of habitat, especially for threatened or endangered species. The wintering Piping Plover, Loggerhead turtles of the ocean as well as the Diamondback Terrapins of the Kiawah River come to mind. Therefore I respectfully request that a public hearing be scheduled following the resubmitting and evaluation of this request by the Kiawah Partners, II LLC for this major movement of sand.

Thank you,

Cecelia Dailey

Kiawah Spit, aerial photography by Mary Edna Fraser

Kiawah Spit, aerial photography by Mary Edna Fraser

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