Nix 526

“Self Portrait” Batik on silk, Mary Edna Fraser

On Tuesday night Mary Edna will speak to the County Council on behalf of the Coastal Conservation League and concerned citizens to oppose the continuation of 8 miles of 526 for $2.35 billion! The prosed highway starts at Folly and runs to the edge of  James Island Creek, then through the heart of James Island County Park, then John’s Island to connect to West Ashley. This is a political boondoggle that would disturb valuable wetlands, forested areas, and the rural nature of our already overdeveloped islands. 

My home is located on James Island Creek, right where the 526 connector would begin. If completed, it would contaminate further the waterways and destroy the rural nature of James Island and John’s Island.

  • Charleston County and SCDOT could sell some of the most valuable right-of-way purchased to recoup some of the money spent to date and keep some of it for affordable housing or public greenspace. 
  • By continuing to explore ways to move forward with this > $2 billion project, the County is putting itself at risk of losing state allocated funds for important social services from struggling to pay bills and debts owed

I even wrote and performed a protest song for Dana Beach when the Coastal Conservation League began fighting the ill-proposed plan. The price is much too high at triple the original cost, and overdevelopment is what would follow. There are so many needs in our midst that require pertinent attention. Please listen to the pleas of the people who oppose overspending with terrible outcomes for folks who live near the extension plans. The homes you have already purchased on James Island Creek could be sold, and you could make a difference to our community and keep it out of harmful man-made destruction. Thank you for your time and attention.

Mary Edna Fraser

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