UPDATE: Folly Road Development


{Artwork: “Full Moon Tide” 48″ x 36″ oil on wood by Mary Edna Fraser 2020}

UPDATE 5/22/20:
WE WON! All but the Mayor voted against hotels and motels on the Folly Road Corridor. Thank You to SCELP and every citizen who cared…
UPDATE 4/18/20:
The ordinance prohibiting Hotels & Motels on Folly Road passed and it should get a second and final reading with a Public Hearing on May 21st. Thank you James Island Council Members, Bishop Gadsden, Save James Island, James Island Creek Activists, and all who emailed the James Island Town Council to stop this development on the Folly Road Corridor. They received 54 letters opposing hotels and only one supporting. Power to the People! – MEF
“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot,” Joni Mitchell sang in 1970.
On Thursday, April 16th during this pandemic the Town of James Island will hold a virtual Town Council meeting. Town Council will take up the issue of prohibiting Hotels and Motels in the Commercial Core area of Folly Road. The Planning Commission has weighed in on this issue and is recommending that hotels obtain a Special Exception to be built on Folly Road. Folly Road’s Commercial Core runs from Oak Point Road at the SpeeDee to Prescott Street across from Nativity Church, which is a huge portion of Folly Road.

Our Mayor is supporting Special Exceptions for Hotels and Motels in the Commercial Core area, which would likely result in a Hotel on the Bessenger property directly across James Island Creek from my home and just after the bridge on your right driving toward Folly Beach. This will be against the wishes of Neighborhood Preservation and Conservation groups as well as most of our council members as it is a slippery slope to improper development and more Hotels and Motels on Folly Road.

Please send emails to the addresses below to express your opposition to this Special Exception and that you also oppose hotels and motels on this corridor:
Mayor Bill Woolsey – bwoolsey@jamesislandsc.us
Councilman Troy Mullinax – darrentroymullinax@jamesislandsc.us
Councilman Garrett Milliken – garrettmilliken@jamesislandsc.us
Councilwoman Cynthia Mignano – cmignano@jamesislandsc.us
Councilman Dan Boles – dboles@jamesislandsc.us
“They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum.”
“You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”
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Mary Edna Fraser
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Creek Action Alert

James Island Creek (SC) batik on silk, Mary Edna Fraser 52_ x 14_ 2009_22in copy 2

As an environmental activist artist, I urge you to share this Delete Apathy post.

James Island Creek and Shem Creek are tidal creeks no longer safe for swimming and the Charleston Waterkeeper with Coastal Conservation League are working diligently to change this reality with the help of concerned citizens. Waterways belong to the public and need our protection from pollution.

Scientific testing shows that concentrations of bacteria in James Island Creek exceed water quality standards 97% of the time and Shem Creek 87%. Fecal matter carries pathogens and can cause upset stomach, skin infections, sore throats, and numerous health problems. I began to get sick from swimming in 2012 and my dock is now one of 15 locations for 7 years of collecting data by the Charleston Waterkeeper. This is bad news but DHEC, our town, county, city and state government are required by law to become active in the clean up to reduce these horrible bacterial counts. This cleanup is done through a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) that will put both creeks on a “bacteria pollution diet.”

Pollution diet plans must include:

  • Looking at ways to reduce the amount of impervious surfaces
  • Removing or fixing up old septic tanks
  • Septic tank inspection and maintenance requirements
  • Stoping sewer overflows into the creek
  • Prioritizing nearby sewer lines for floodwater inflow and infiltration elimination work
  • Pet and animal waste clean up
  • Time and money

We need to hold our city and towns accountable for setting timelines and implementing projects. Public engagement is needed. The Intergovernmental Panel Committee on James Island is the perfect group to lead the way and motivate our communities to solve this problem once and for all. The Town of James Island, the City of Charleston, and Charleston County need to know clean creeks are important to you and that they have your support for taking action to solve this problem once and for all.  

Below are meetings you can attend and email and letter references for your location:

January 14, 2020 City Hall
January 28, 2020 TBA
February 11, 2020 City Hall
February 25, 2020 City Hall
March 10, 2020 City Hall
March 24, 2020 TBA
April 14, 2020 City Hall
April 28, 2020 City Hall
May 12, 2020 City Hall
May 26, 2020 TBA
June 16, 2020 City Hall
July 21, 2020 City Hall
August 18, 2020 City Hall
September 8, 2020 City Hall
September 22, 2020 TBA
October 13, 2020 City Hall
October 27, 2020 City Hall
November 10, 2020 City Hall
November 24, 2020 TBA
December 1, 2020 City Hall
December 15, 2020 City Hall

And here are some other helpful links:

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Monitoring Pollution in James Island Creek

Storm Warning 10x20 oil on canvas 2016

In 2012 I started getting sick when I swam in James Island Creek. After visiting every local group, Charleston Waterkeeper came to the rescue and began its program of monitoring the water off our dock. Years of sampling data and advocacy now has a TDML (total maximum daily load) goal set by DHEC to reduce the bacteria pollution discharged to James Island Creek and Shem Creek. A citizens committee to educate the Town, City and County is being formed to help meet this goal. Stay tuned for more environmental activist action!


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