Saving the Earth with Sierra Club

Folks ask me how to become involved in saving our sacred environment. Here are some great ideas and tips to get started talking about climate change…

I also tell them I am a member of the Sierra Club, both national and local. My band Lime and the Coconuts have played at their oyster roasts for twelve years now. You can donate to the auction or just buy a ticket every February at Bowens Island. This is community activism at its best.

[All photos by Laura Moses.]

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Pilkey’s Latest Word on Sea Level Rise


“A French beach cleared of homes shows NC the way,” written by Orrin Pilkey and published in the News & Observer on Febrary 24th, 2019, describes one possible solution for preparing the Carolina coastline for the imminent threat of sea level rise.

Pilkey writes: “As the French minister of the environment said, we need to act now. We need to altogether halt North Carolina beachfront construction, especially the now favorite three-story McMansions. We should stop constructing all hard coastal engineering structures, which ultimately damage or destroy the beaches. We must move back or demolish threatened buildings. And after future storms, we should prohibit repair or replacement of damaged buildings. Currently, damaged buildings are often replaced by larger ones. All of these events are happening right now. All regulations concerning development on our barrier islands must realistically recognize climate change, sea-level rise and the retreating shoreline….”

Read more via the News & Observer site HERE.

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Help us prevent huge dock on Ellis Creek

Self Portrait, batik on silk, 102" x 36"

Self Portrait, batik on silk, 102″ x 36″

We need 20 letters to help us get a public hearing to prevent the building of a huge dock on Ellis Creek (right across from Mary Edna and the Doctor Babe.) Please email a letter of your own, including your home address in signature, to Sarah E. Reed at and feel free to copy the text from ours below:

Dear Sarah Reed,

Please take into consideration our comments regarding permit number OCRM-16-267-D v2.0, located at 754 Bermuda St, James Island, South Carolina 29412 prior to your permit approval. My husband and I live at 1723 Oak Point Road on James Island Creek also known as Ellis Creek. This letter is in protest to DHEC for the expansion of an original single use boat dock with floater Donna Hughs obtained before she sold her property. The new owner has gotten a 3 lot subdivision approval and wants to build a huge covered pier with 3 ramps, bigger floater and 3 boat lifts which will extend another 25’ out into the Ellis Creek channel. This could potentially prevent boats from low tide maneuvering as the channel is silting in on the north east side and all boats currently hug the southwest side to pass safely. It is my understanding that we need 20 letters to get a public hearing to oppose this unprecedented structure on our already threatened creek. The sheer magnitude of this creates a commercial marina on a marsh grass area negatively impacting all who use these waters to swim, paddle board, shrimp, fish and boat. Thank you for your time as we build community action to have all the neighbors questions and comments put on record prior to any new permit.

Mary Edna Fraser and Dr. John Sperry

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