Monitoring Pollution in James Island Creek

Storm Warning 10x20 oil on canvas 2016

In 2012 I started getting sick when I swam in James Island Creek. After visiting every local group, Charleston Waterkeeper came to the rescue and began its program of monitoring the water off our dock. Years of sampling data and advocacy now has a TDML (total maximum daily load) goal set by DHEC to reduce the bacteria pollution discharged to James Island Creek and Shem Creek. A citizens committee to educate the Town, City and County is being formed to help meet this goal. Stay tuned for more environmental activist action!


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“Lines of Light Mark Inevitably Sea Level Rise”

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Saving the Earth with Sierra Club

Folks ask me how to become involved in saving our sacred environment. Here are some great ideas and tips to get started talking about climate change…

I also tell them I am a member of the Sierra Club, both national and local. My band Lime and the Coconuts have played at their oyster roasts for twelve years now. You can donate to the auction or just buy a ticket every February at Bowens Island. This is community activism at its best.

[All photos by Laura Moses.]

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