James Island Climate Emergency Declaration


This Thursday, please contact the mayor & council members to encourage voting on this declaration.

Here is a sample letter:

Dear Mayor Woolsey and Council Leaders,

Your climate action is to be commended as James Island faces flooding, sea level rise and hurricanes due to Climate Change. Thank you for caring for your constituents and passing the Climate Emergency Declaration this Thursday.

Mary Edna
 Send to:
Bill Woolsey – bwoolsey@jamesislandsc.us
Garrett Milliken – garrettmilliken@jamesislandsc.us
Dan Boles – dboles@jamesislandsc.us
Cynthia Mignano – cmignano@jamesislandsc.us
Troy Mullinax – darrentroymullinax@jamesislandsc.us
Thank you for caring! -MEF
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Orrin Pilkey’s Op Ed

Rain Over Charleston 60_ x 36_ oil on canvas unframed Mary Edna Fraser 2020 copy

Rain Over Charleston, 60″ x 36″ oil on canvas by Mary Edna Fraser 2020

With eighty nine flooding events in our city in 2019, sea level rise affects all of us. My boss, Orrin Pilkey, weighs in with the Post & Courier on what taking action to protect Charleston for future generations will look like. “For Charleston, responding to sea level rise will not be an easy task. A huge variety of shoreline types, with widely varying exposure to waves, storm surges and tides constitute the seaward edge of the city. Because the entire Charleston area is flat and at low elevation, it already has a flooding problem. Sea level rise will only exacerbate it. Different solutions to flooding will be needed in differing parts of the city.” Read Pilkey’s op ed here.

Coastal Conservation League has been keeping people informed on the Corp of Engineers plans for a sea wall and are asking for your comments here.


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UPDATE: Folly Road Development


{Artwork: “Full Moon Tide” 48″ x 36″ oil on wood by Mary Edna Fraser 2020}

UPDATE 5/22/20:
WE WON! All but the Mayor voted against hotels and motels on the Folly Road Corridor. Thank You to SCELP and every citizen who cared…
UPDATE 4/18/20:
The ordinance prohibiting Hotels & Motels on Folly Road passed and it should get a second and final reading with a Public Hearing on May 21st. Thank you James Island Council Members, Bishop Gadsden, Save James Island, James Island Creek Activists, and all who emailed the James Island Town Council to stop this development on the Folly Road Corridor. They received 54 letters opposing hotels and only one supporting. Power to the People! – MEF
“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot,” Joni Mitchell sang in 1970.
On Thursday, April 16th during this pandemic the Town of James Island will hold a virtual Town Council meeting. Town Council will take up the issue of prohibiting Hotels and Motels in the Commercial Core area of Folly Road. The Planning Commission has weighed in on this issue and is recommending that hotels obtain a Special Exception to be built on Folly Road. Folly Road’s Commercial Core runs from Oak Point Road at the SpeeDee to Prescott Street across from Nativity Church, which is a huge portion of Folly Road.

Our Mayor is supporting Special Exceptions for Hotels and Motels in the Commercial Core area, which would likely result in a Hotel on the Bessenger property directly across James Island Creek from my home and just after the bridge on your right driving toward Folly Beach. This will be against the wishes of Neighborhood Preservation and Conservation groups as well as most of our council members as it is a slippery slope to improper development and more Hotels and Motels on Folly Road.

Please send emails to the addresses below to express your opposition to this Special Exception and that you also oppose hotels and motels on this corridor:
Mayor Bill Woolsey – bwoolsey@jamesislandsc.us
Councilman Troy Mullinax – darrentroymullinax@jamesislandsc.us
Councilman Garrett Milliken – garrettmilliken@jamesislandsc.us
Councilwoman Cynthia Mignano – cmignano@jamesislandsc.us
Councilman Dan Boles – dboles@jamesislandsc.us
“They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum.”
“You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”
Please share this post and help Delete Apathy,
Mary Edna Fraser
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