Say NO to I-526 Extension

Silent Retreat 60″ x 20″ oil on canvas 2020

“The environmentally destructive 526 extension plan still looms over Charleston County and our beloved sea islands at a projected cost of close to $800 million and likely much more. The latest cost estimate is $772 million using 2019 dollars, which is more than $50 million higher than the last cost estimate completed four years earlier in 2015 (CCL). The project includes a shocking 6.1 miles of bridges over our Stono River. If you’ve ever picked up trash under the JI Connector, you know what the damaging result of this will be on our river and marine life. 

This plan will destroy 30+ acres of our James Island County Park, and will fill in several acres of wetlands near the Riverland Dr./Maybank intersection, not to mention the destruction of hundreds of acres of marsh, greenspace and trees in rural and suburban areas on Johns and James Islands. (Some 17+ acres of sea islands wetlands will be impacted in the entire project.) 

Please read more about the detrimental impacts of this horribly outdated project at Coastal Conservation League’s website here:

Read the Post and Courier’s editorial opposing the 526 extension here:

Submit your “No Build” comment to SCDOT TODAY or by Oct. 15 and make sure that everyone in your household (18+) does, too. Deadline is October 15. If you need help with talking points, please read CCL’s info at the link above. Comment here: OR Email:  in**@SC************.com ….”

(Text by Susan Milliken)

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