Bulkhead permitted on the Kiawah Spit – “good ole boy” network proves more persuasive than science

After another round of appeals, Kiawah Development Partners (KDP) has been permitted to build a bulkhead that will “clearly reduce and likely stop erosion rather than precipitate any erosion” as reported in this Post and Courier article.  This statement from the judge clearly rejects reflection upon the history of bulkhead building in South Carolina (and elsewhere) and the tenuous science that shoreline stabilization is based on.  Renowned coastal geologist Dr. Orrin H. Pilkey of  Duke University calls the Kiawah Spit development project “madness” and Miles O. Hayes calls it “ridiculous.”  Erosion is not simply stopped without differing its forces to other areas.  Erosion is not a problem until people build unwisely.  Please watch the video 50 Houses on Kiawah Sand for expert testimony on this issue.  We hope that the Coastal Conservation League will appeal this case again although it will be a hard fight due to their limited funds!  Please check out our previous entries about the Kiawah Spit for a history of this issue.  Mary Edna Fraser recently flew over this area and gave us this stunning photograph of the sand that KDP hopes to subdivide:

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